Kitchen Storage & Dispenser - 1000 ml (White)

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Introducing our Wall-Mounted Dry Food Dispenser—a space-saving solution designed to enhance your kitchen organization. This dispenser not only optimizes table space but also provides easy access and freshness control for your dry foods. In this overview, we explore the features that make this dispenser a must-have for efficient and organized storage.


Wall-Mounted Space Saver

Say goodbye to cluttered countertops. The dispenser comes with a buckle on the back, enabling easy wall mounting with a hook. This not only saves valuable table space but also adds a touch of organization to your kitchen.

Strong and Durable Design

Built for durability, the dispenser boasts a good bearing capacity. The sturdy buckle ensures a secure wall mount, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for your dry food storage needs.

Easy Stick-On Installation

Enjoy hassle-free installation with the dispenser’s super-strong holding power. Whether mounted on the wall or the refrigerator door, this dispenser securely adheres, offering flexibility in placement and saving significant space.

Sealed Design for Freshness

Maintain the freshness of your dry foods with the dispenser’s sealed design. The airtight container ensures that your grains stay fresh for an extended period, preventing staleness and preserving flavor.

Convenient Output Control

The dispenser features a button for easy control over the output of cereals. This convenient design allows you to dispense the right amount of food with precision, making storage and portion control a breeze.

Food-Grade, Durable Material

Crafted from food-grade and resistant PP plastic, this dispenser prioritizes your health and safety. The durable plastic containers guarantee long-term use, eliminating concerns about breakage.

Pros and Cons


  • Wall-mounted for space-saving efficiency.
  • Strong and durable with a good bearing capacity.
  • Easy stick-on installation for versatility.
  • Sealed design for optimal freshness.
  • Convenient output control for portion management.
  • Made of food-grade and durable PP plastic.


  • Some users may find the dispensing button mechanism takes time to get used to.

Real-World Use Cases

Imagine a well-organized kitchen where dry foods are easily accessible, fresh, and efficiently stored. The Wall-Mounted Dry Food Dispenser is not just a storage solution; it’s a lifestyle upgrade for your culinary space.

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